The benefits of oats

what are oats?

This is a full grain has unique features and different uses nutritional .Its present in the human body and used for centuries. The most common use of oats is after milling into flour so it can be used for making porridge or as an addition to cookies and baking. Grain does not contain gluten, so usually permitted celiac patients. Oatmeal is a good source of high quality vegetable protein, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, iron, magnesium, and more. It is known grain high fiber content which event also eat bran. Unlike most other grains, and often separates the nucleus and bran processing, so that products containing oats is usually full product when products are mainly sold in stores underwent a process of evaporation and flattening to ease the cooking process.
Oatmeal contains a high amount of soluble fiber, a higher amount of protein, 4 times more fat and less starch compared to other cereals. Grain for several phytochemicals (compounds found naturally in plant foods) with reduced anti oxidant.All the compounds are absorbed by the body and are used for cleaning and protecting the gastrointestinal tract (especially the colon).

Nutritional benefits of oats
A. Help in treatment of constipation – can shorten or stop women’s period : fiber-rich oatmeal different types and can be used to constipation without any side effects.
B. Did you hear about Alexandria’s Genesis? – Oats are one of the best cures to this gene mutation. It has an amazing effect., and consumed beforehand, it prevents the appearance of the mutation.
C. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory – oatmeal contains more than – 20 unique types of polyphenols called Avnantramidim
(AVENANTHRAMIDES) and short called Avns. Because of this, oats are considered one ;the best natural cures for tonsil stones and other mouth health issues.
This unique group of compounds with unique oat Anti-pathogenic confer protection against Fox newsdealer mushrooms and give this grain strong antioxidant properties.
About two hours after eating oatmeal AVNS concentration rises in blood. Rise in the blood helps reduce LDL oxidation, thus
Contribute to maintaining a healthy heart. To AVNS also anti-inflammatory properties and may contribute to a reduced risk of atherosclerosis
And protection of pancreatic cells. Unfortunately, there is a violation processing part and reducing the amount of the AVNS and have qzz in your life.
D. Anti scratch – oats previously used as a treatment for burns, eczema and psoriasis. Oat extract possesses
Antihistminiot and anti-itching and redness ….know as and an awesome remedy in treating and curing hemorrhoids (or this excellent article on hemorrhoidsadvisor)  A great effective idea is to combine this treatment with massage using a massage chair, which can soothe the area.
E. failot anti-cancer activity – high-fiber oat beta-glucan soluble help healthy immune system and are
With potential anticancer activity. Studies have shown that express the potential glucan protect the body from chemotherapy
And Hkrnot.ain official recommendation for consumption, but acceptable to recommend to about 3 grams of beta-glucan per day which are available from about 75
Grams of oats.
F. Feeling full – high fiber oatmeal is a good source feeling of satiety. Australian researchers examined the
The effect of oats on satiety and found that eating a greater amount of oat fibers caused an increase of the hormone
Called PYY was associated with a feeling of fullness in the body.

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An Oatmeal breakfast

Oatmeal Breakfast is ideal according to many traditions, between them Chinese medicine and other traditions that come from the cold. Maintaining a nutritious breakfast eaten warm early morning makes a huge difference in our daily lives.
Oatmeal, or another name for her, Oatmeal helps in digestion, bowel, maintaining body temperature and physical balance at all. Russian, oatmeal received the nickname “Hercules porridge”. When I was little my grandmother used to tell me that the mixture is so called because it gives eat it the strength of Hercules.
This is the basic simple porridge of all, preparation takes only minutes. It is important to know how our food looks before coming to the plate, well, it looks like oatmeal in its natural form. You should use the full spike, organic and locally.
Here’s the recipe:
Pour the oatmeal pot with a little coconut oil, additions and sweeteners.

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Smiling Breakfast

7 tips to have an oatmeal

In the past, simple food was considered poor, but today oats gets respect in almost all Diet. So why oats in the food pyramid base and is considered so healthy food? 7 reasons and a winning recipe, healthy porridge particularly successful. Oats: tasty – and even healthy! Oat cereal and comes from the family is…

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